About 9 Design Interiors

History of 9 Design Interiors Victoria

I am originally from Ecuador. I have an arts Degree with major in classical sculpture as well as a Degree from Victoria College of Arts. My involvement with arts begun 25 years ago with experiences that range from free lance artist, mural artist, and interior decorator. I worked for Deco-mobile a prestigious Italian Design group for two years and for the last sixteen years I have worked in Victoria decorating homes and businesses.

Another aspect of my experience involves health and the relationship with space and how we feel. The use of colors and distribution of furniture has a psychological as well as physiological impact of the people living in it. I am very interested on the manipulation of space in order to help people such as those suffering from emotional states like depression or learning disabilities.

Due to personal situation I have been faced with solving debilitating chronic conditions, and furthering my studies to include: biofeedback, nutritional healing, homeopathy and relaxation techniques. This combination has lead me to understand how to transform sickness into health, by "designing" a life style. I look at aspects such as: furniture, colors, the chemicals we use at home, the foods we eat, the water we drink etc. And so when appropriate, my services will reach as far as to helping you to design not only a beautiful house, but also a healthy home and life style.